Sweet Sixteen

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A 16' Tugboat

For a PDF study plan download, click HERE

While this is our smallest Mini-Tug, it has one big feature fit for a queen! That is, the double berth in the cabin is actually 5' wide, the same width as a queen-size bed ashore. A hinged panel at the forward end drops down to form an overall berth length of 6' 2". And since you'll sleep with your head toward the bow there's generous headroom above the berth where it's needed.

There's space below the helm area/foredeck for a portable head, along with lots of storage here as well as below the berth, which shares space with the engine. Cabin access doors are on both sides and aft, as well as lots of windows for light and ventilation. All this makes a boat that's practical for overnighting by a couple, and a great day boat for seeing the sights at a leisurely pace.

"This is the 3rd boat that I have built and I must say it's been the most enjoyable and a great learning experience." -Don Aguanno

Plans include 5 sheets of 21" scaled, detailed drawings, instructions, and one full-size traceable pattern sheet.

Length overall:
3300 lbs.
Suggested power range:
Speed within HP range:
5.5 kts.
Fuel capacity:
30 gals.