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a 20' tugboat (21'6" optional)

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CATEGORY: Tug Yachts
CONSTRUCTION: Sheet plywood/wood framing, or welded aluminum or steel

Titan is similar in arrangement and hull shape to our Goliath design, but longer and with different superstructure styling. The plans include two length options. The deckhouse contains a seat or galley cabinet as in Goliath, but these are not mandatory. A builder could also extend the house aft up to several feet for more interior space, and rearrange the layout to suit. Such alterations are simple enough so that extra details are unnecessary.

Two berths in the private double stateroom forward are 6' 6" long with sitting headroom above the berth tops, with space below forward for a portable head. Ample windows, ports, and a trunk cabin hatch assure generous ventilation and light. Storage is below the berths as well as along the house sides below the side decks, and in any cabinets you might provide in the deckhouse.

Length overall:
5850 lbs.
Suggested power range:
Speed within HP range:
6.5 kts.
Fuel capacity:
45 gals
21'6" optional