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a 22' high-performance tugboat

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CATEGORY: Tug Yachts
CONSTRUCTION: Sheet plywood/wood framing, or welded aluminum

Amaze your friends, family, and open-mouthed on-lookers as your "little ole tug" rises to the surface and blasts past at ski-boat speeds. It’s possible because this trailerable design looks like an authentic tug above the waterline. But below, it's a modern out-and-out planing boat capable of high speeds with either I/O or outboard power. And it's dry and smooth riding too. The variable v-bottom hull includes a wave-flattening 45° bow entry leading to a semi-deep-v 13° stern. A full-length integral chine flat deflects spray and assures stability.

Other features include roomy self-bailing cockpit, side decks with raised bulwarks, 6'3"+ pilothouse headroom, 2 berths in the trunk cabin with sitting headroom above, and space for a head and galley. Construction is aimed at the do-it-yourselfer in either plywood or aluminum. Frame and backbone member contours are given as FULL SIZE PATTERNS, while plans include sequential instructions with material list.


Length overall:
Draft (hull w/skeg):
Headroom (pilothouse):
4400 lbs.
Fuel capacity:
85 gals.
Sleeping capacity: