Wildwood Plans & Patterns

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The Wildwood lets ths home builder make his own motorhome that looks just like expensive factory-built units. It can be built on cut-off vans, chassis cab trucks, or even pick-up trucks with the bed removed if of suitable capacity. Options on the plans allow for long and short wheelbase units. The floor plan shown is a popular layout used on long wheelbase models, however, you can vary the arrangement considerably to suit your own requirements, as well as to suit shorter units. Our comprehensive plans show how it's done, including simple details and instructions for mounting the coach to the chassis, cab attaching methods for cut-off vans, as well as all the other necessary information to allow you to do a professional job. Plus, full size patterns are provided for the contoured sidewall portions for accurate construction. Best of all, you save a bundle by building your own.

* The Wildwood is designed as illustrated for use on so-called "long wheelbase" trucks having a GVW (gross vehicle weight) rating of 9000 lbs. minimum which is reflected in the above specifications. The plans provide details for a shorter option for use on "short wheelbase" trucks which should have a GVW rating of 8000 lbs. minimum. It is possible to vary the plans to suit other truck chassis which may not fall into these classifications, as long as the GVW ratings are of comparable minimums or larger. Since truck chassis are extremely variable, the above specifications should be considered an approximation.
Coach length overall:
Coach length overall
Coach width overall:
Interior length overall:
Interior width overall:
Interior height (headroom) min:
Cabover headroom (deduct for mattress):
Fresh water capacity (standard):
30 gallons
Holding tank capacity (standard):
30 gallons
LPG capacity:
Coach weight (dry estimated):
3000 lbs.
Sleeping capacity:
6 adults
Truck type:
Designed for use on chassis cab or cut-off van-type trucks of suitable GVW rating.