How to Fiberglass a Boat DVD

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1 hour 30 minutes
Learn how to fiberglass the easy way, by looking over the shoulder of an expert who is working on actual boats. This DVD can easily pay for itself by preventing mistakes that can waste expensive fiberglassing materials. HOW TO FIBERGLASS A BOAT explains the process of covering a boat with fiberglass using epoxy and polyester resins, applied by both "wet" and "dry" methods. The DVD shows in a few scenes what may take pages of written text to explain. The scenes showing cloth application and smoothing out the inevitable wrinkles and air bubbles illustrate how easy the task can be when you know the "tricks". The section on making and using resin-putty will be of special interest to Stitch-N-Glue boatbuilders as will the detailed explanations and views of taping seams with standard and biaxial fiberglass.

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From the Boatbuilder Forum:
"I wanted to let everyone know that our sponsor's have given me the best and most inspirational tool for my boat yet. I recently ordered the $35 Glen-L DVD of "How to Fiberlass a Boat." I already own the Glen-L Boatbuilding with Plywood and Inboard Motor Installations books and the Building the Console Skiff VHS. However, this DVD was the best Glen-L purchase yet (behind my Minuet plans of course.) "

"A little history follows first. I decided to order this after a rather trying experience at fiberglassing the centerboard trunk for my Minuet. I experienced all sorts of fiberglassing malidies. It was obviously my first experience with fiberglass and epoxy, and there was no way I was going to attempt to cover my beautiful hull without some serious training. Do not get me wrong, it is not that hard to use fiberglass and epoxy. I was just a fiberglass idiot. So, I just wanted to let everyone know that the Glen-L DVD is worth EVERY PENNY I paid for it. I no longer consider myself a fiberglass neophyte after practicing some of the techniques I observed in this GREAT DVD."

"To be fair the DVD quality is not High-Definition by any means, but it does a WONDERFUL job of covering the subject. It covers everything from tools, applications, epoxy and polyesters, and all kinds of hints and tips that I would never have thought of in my newbie state of boatbuilding. "

"As a wonderful side benefit it helps keep my dream alive. I have been traveling so much lately for work that I cannot spend much time actually working on my boat, but I can definitely tell you this DVD helps to keep me motivated while I am away."

"I would encourage anyone wanting to learn more about this subject to buy this instructional DVD. It will no doubt save me hours of time and heart-ache teaching myself through the trial-and-error process."
"Thank you GLEN-L!"
Robert Zopp,
Dallas, TX

"I bought the video cassette years ago and also felt like it was the best money spent. I've watched it so many times that it's really starting to wear out. So I'll most likely go back and get the DVD. "Dave Grason, Kingston Springs, TN