2016 Top 10 Glen-L Boat Plans

2016 Top 10 Glen-L Boat Plans

Posted by Gayle Brantuk on Feb 3rd 2017

It's been a while since we've done a Top 10 Glen-L Boat Plans list, so I thought it was time! The top 2 haven't changed, but there are some surprises that have snuck in. I hope you enjoy the list and let me know what you think. It's time to decide which one you'll build for this summer--time's a wastin'!

#10 - Glen-L 15 - Roomy 15' Family Sloop

Glen-L 15 boat plans

Glen-L 15 built by Jeff McKie

#9 - Tie between Imp & Stripper:

Imp rowboat boat plans

Imp built by Bart Stephens

strip planked canoe boat plans

Stripper built by John Ayearst

#8 - Tie between Cracker Box & Sabotina (both versions):

Crackerbox boat plans

Cracker Box built by Neil

Sabotina boat plans

Sabotina built by Mike O'Brien

#7 Driftboat (all versions included in talley):

Driftboat boat plans

Driftboat built by Mark Mariano Jr.

#6 - Tubby Tug - 9' Tugboat for kids of all ages

tugboat boat plans

Tubby Tug built by Erik Roadfeldt

#5 - Pee Wee - 8' Mini Runabout

pee boat plans

Pee Wee built by Scott Gaskell

#4 - Malahini - 16' Classic Runabout

Glen-L Malahini boat plans

Malahini built by Jeff Hovis & Don Witherspoon

#3 - Barrelback 19 - 19' Classic Barrelback Runabout

barrelback boat plans

Barrelback built by Greg Walters

#2 - Zip - 14' Classic Runabout

zip boat plans

Z-Z-Zip built by Chris Atwood

#1 - Squirt - 10' Runabout

Glen-L Squirt boat plans

Squirt built by Art Atkinson