Glen l bullet by Sean Purcell Melbourne Australia

Glen l bullet by Sean Purcell Melbourne Australia

Posted by sean purcell on Apr 4th 2016

My name is Sean Purcell from Melbourne Australia. I have built the 12'1 Glen-L Bullet. I'm 45, a carpenter, and I've always wanted to build a boat, it was the perfect therapy to get me through my divorce, something to keep my mind occupied, and very satisfying. image

I built this boat in the carport, the form supported by star pickets, and the area enclosed with tarps when I needed, for glass and paint.


The timber, mahogany swietena, was sourced from a furniture timber yard, and was bought raw and I machined it myself. It was screwed with brass screws, and was pinstriped under the glass to give a planked effect. The motor is a 1995 49hp force, and the trailer is an old 14 footer I refurbished. The build went for about 18 months, and the cost was about $4200 + motor and trailer. Photos and comments from other posts were also so much help. (Matt Heaney NZ). I completed it late 2012. My three kids got involved as much as possible, and now we have so much fun with it. It turns heads everywhere it goes. I miss working on the boat, and would like to do it again, but I just can't own anymore boats (4), and I can't bring myself to sell. Thanks Glen L.