Pete's Reliant

Pete's Reliant

Posted by pjenke on Mar 6th 2020


This is me standing next to the finished frame of the hull.

I started this project of building a Glen-L 49 foot Reliant, World Cruising Sailboat, in 2009 with the construction of the boat shop and began construction of the boat later that year.  Finally in 2013 I am about to start skinning the hull using the cold molded technique.  Visit me at my blog for more details of this project.

Just to update everyone on the progress.  This Saturday (04/07/18) we will be completing the fiberglassing on the starboard side which will complete the hull.  Very excited.

We've made a lot of progress over the years.  Here is a snippet.

The 4 layers of plywood strips are complete.

We've got the fiberglass mat covered with the fiberglass woven being prepared for the wet out.