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Buttocks, Waterlines and Diagonals

Buttocks, Waterlines and Diagonals

Posted by Glen Witt on Jun 7th 2017

This discussion primarily applies to vee bottom boats, although the terminology is similar to those with a round bilge. The terms buttocks (butt), waterlines (wl), and diagonals (diag) are re … read more
Whitehall electric launch

Whitehall electric launch

Posted by paul on Dec 19th 2011

Hi fellow boatbuilders, I used the blueprints for the hull and added a fore and aft deck for floatation and storage. The middle rowing bench encloses 4 semitraction batteries and the drive and con … read more
The Basics Needed to Build a Boat

The Basics Needed to Build a Boat

Posted by Gayle Brantuk on Mar 16th 2011

Sometimes it helps to go back to the basics whether it’s with marketing a business or building a boat. We are frequently asked what you need to get started building your own boat. So, I though … read more

What is This Thing Called Displacement?

Posted by Gayle Brantuk on Feb 18th 2011

Continuing the boat building dream #27...   Dear, I hope all is well with you. The article below was written by Ken Hankinson and I think it's a very thoroug … read more

Build Your Dream Boat #10

Posted by Gayle Brantuk on Jul 30th 2010

Just as promised in my last post, this is all about the building form of your boat. My father wrote the following article which really paints a vivid picture of what is involved in the process. T … read more