True-Grit Builder Interview

True-Grit Builder Interview

Posted by Gayle Brantuk on Jun 10th 2011

The True Grit is the second Glen-L boat that Ray Macke has built and wow–what a beautiful job he did on this one too!

If you’ll remember from our previous interview, Ray built the Cabin Skiff which he aptly named “Therapy” and travelled over 27,000 miles of inter-coastal waterways with her.

The True-Grit is his latest and one that provides he and his wife Vicky with the amenities they need. And space! The True-Grit is 25 foot as designed and Ray lengthened his to 27 foot.

Ray built his True-Grit in plywood but it can also be built in Steel or Aluminum. And, there’s an alternate Utility Sportfish cabin version that allows more deck space for serious anglers.

In this video, Ray takes us on a tour of his boat and points out all the wonderful features he’s included. This is an economical hull to run for her size and you can’t beat the accoutrements!

Ray doesn’t know how much he spent to build the True-Grit. He kept records, but doesn’t really want to know but figures it’s probably about a third of what it would cost to buy one ready-made. And, it has just the features he and Vicky want–not what a manufacturer thinks you need.

Ray has documented the entire build of his boat and has it on his own blog.

Enjoy the video and let us know what you think!