a 12' or 14' Canoe-Kayak

Build in

plywood canoe-kayak

Characteristics 12' 14'
Length overall 12'-0" 14'-0"
Beam 2'-8" 2'-8"
Depth amidships 14" 14"
Weight (approx.) 68 lbs. 78 lbs.
Hull type: Double-ender canoe-kayak designed for sheet plywood planking.
Can the hull be extended or shortened? No, not beyond sizes listed.

CAN-YAK... a combination of canoe and kayak retaining the virtues of each. Whisk along the edge of that slowly winding stream... ease along the shore of a lake and explore the hidden coves... creep out on the marsh in the early morning... Yes, you can do all of these with the CAN-YAK. It's light enough to carry and can be car topped with ease. This multi-purpose boat can provide you with a means of escape, or the kids can have a barrel of fun paddling around in protected water. Enjoy cruising around the lake at dusk, sneaking up on those big mouth bass in your own CAN-YAK.

CAN-YAK is intended for either one or two people paddling with double or single blade paddles. This double ended, shallow draft craft will move easily and silently through the water. The construction is simple and the hull is inexpensive to build. Three sheets of 4' x 8' plywood will suffice for all planking, decking and floorboards.

    To get started, we recommend:

  • Plans & Patterns
  • Fastening Kit
  • 1/2 Gallon of Glue (our Poxy Grip #09-502)
  • Optionally, we recommend Fiberglassing the outside to protect the wood and provide abrasion resistance and coating the interior to seal the wood:
  • Fiberglass Kit - to cover the outside
  • Poxy-Shield Epoxy (1.2 gallons) for coating/encapsulating interior (our #09-509)

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