Rio Drift Boat

$949.00 - $3,499.00
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Imagine taking our timeless and proven Glen-L Driftboat hull and giving the interior a modern, functional overhaul. That's exactly what we've done just recently—adding massive amounts of water-tight enclosed stowage with hatches, adjustable and removable seats, full-length "chine armor," an integrated thigh hook—even built-in cup holders! We also designed the width between seats to perfectly match the Yeti 45 cooler, which can be locked in place on the aluminum seat track and used as a second seat.
Even better, our new RIO Driftboat comes as a CNC-cut plywood kit. No building jig, no frames—just epoxy, cloth and the plywood kit. How much time does the CNC kit save? The basic hull can be assembled in as few as 3-4 days!
How is it possible to have your 16-foot Diftboat come together so quickly? It's mostly thanks to the precision cut parts which feature puzzle joints, tabs and scribe marks for easy assembly. Bulkheads and panels are stitched together effortlessly with plastic zip ties. When everything looks good, the builder simply "tack welds" everything together with epoxy before removing the zip ties and coming back with epoxy fillets on the seams.
The RIO Epoxy Kit contains all of the epoxy, fiberglass cloth, epoxy fillers, zip/cable ties, and fiberglass tape you will need to build a rock-solid RIO. The 6 oz cloth covers inside and outside top planks, inside bottom, bulkhead/tank walls, top and bottom of deck. The 10 oz cloth provides 3 layers of glass for bottom of bottom plank. The tape is for inside chines, bulkheads, deck-to-hull and tanks. Even with the complete fiberglass coating and three-layer bottom, Rio still comes in at lesss than 200 pounds!