Foam Roller from Shur-Line

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Shur-Line Foam Mini Roller

For Paint or epoxy application

Shur-Line Foam Mini Roller. These are the rollers many of our professional builders swear by for roll-and-tip painting of their boats. Quick Pro, sturdy 4-inch foam roller cover, 12 inch threaded handle, high density foam for ultra smooth finish with water or oil based enamels, varnishes & high gloss paints, excellent for panel doors, covered roller end paints corners & walls at the same time, 4 inch roller fits directly into a gallon paint.

Shur-Line Foam Mini Roller Refills: 4" size For use on smooth surfaces. Small diameter core makes it easy to apply coatings. For use with paints, urethanes, adhesives, varnishes, enamels, and stains. Resealable contractor 10 pack.