Sea Kayak

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A 17' Touring Kayak

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A SEA KAYAK, or touring kayak, is a craft that will glide across the early morning calm and yet, when properly handled, is capable of performing well in diverse cruising conditions. Equipped with a spray skirt, the paddler remains dry. The boat can carry a reasonable amount of camping gear.

The SEA KAYAK is easy to build with the simplified Stitch-N-Glue plywood building method. Virtually every part in the boat is furnished as a full size Pattern. And yes!...that does mean all planking and decking is patterned. No need to loft or enlarge from dimensional layouts with the Glen-L full pattern system. It takes only three sheets of 4mm or 1/4"x4'x8' plywood to build the entire boat. Duplicate the pattern contours to the plywood, saw to shape with a saber saw, drill for stitch holes as indicated on the patterns, wire stitch the parts together, fillet and fiberglass tape the seams...and you have the boat. Truly a boat that can be built by almost anyone. The plans for building your own Stitch-N-Glue paddle are included in the Plans & Pattern package.


 "The boat has been a joy. My numbers are 5'-10", 185 lbs, size 11 shoes and pushing 60 years old. The boat has been a joy. It tracks true, has great glide, fair initial stability, great secondary stability. I did a 30 mile paddle in rough Tennessee River water with 25 mph wind from back and side at times and stayed dry, safe and comfortable. It looks like a classic out of an Ernest Hemmingway Film and rides like a '68 Cadillac. I have trouble with leg circulation in some boats but not this one yet. I would recommend it to a friend." - Randy Griffin, Huntsville, AL  

 "I loved every minute of the building process. Thank you." - Phillip Bruggeman, Bluffton, SC

COMPLETE PLANS include FULL SIZE PATTERNS for the side-bottom planking, bulkheads, stern and bow breasthook, decking, form, and cockpit coaming. Includes material listing, plywood utilization details, Laminate Schedule, STITCH-N-GLUE manual, and complete building instructions with SEA KAYAK PICTORIAL. In addition, there are plans for building your own double blade cupped paddle.

Length overall:
Midship hull depth:
Midship depth to deck:
Hull weight (approx.):
40-70 lbs.
Hull type:
Single chine hull, developed for 4mm or 1/4" sheet plywood, Stitch-N-Glue construction.
Can the hull be extended or shortened?:
Designed for use with Glen-L Canoe/Kayak boat trailer plans.