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C, D, or 36 Class racing runabout

Length overall 13'-2"
Beam 5'-2"
Hull depth 16"
Hull weight (approx.): 135 lbs.
Racing weight min. (boat, driver, & motor): Class C - 470 lbs.
Class D - 525 lbs.
Class 36 - 525 lbs.
Class racing division: "C", "D", or "36" racing runabout
These classes are no longer active.

  • Hull type: Feature high speed monoplane bottoms with wide, flaring, anti-trip chine sides. Canted decks combined with wedge-shaped planform minimizes frontal resistance. All surfaces are developed for sheet plywood planking for minimum hull weight.
  • Power: Short shaft outboard motor
    • Class C - Over 20 through 30 cu. in.
    • Class D - Over 36 through 40 cu. in.
    • Class 36 - Over 30 through 36 cu. in.
    • For pleasure use: 40 hp
      Note: "Pleasure" hp rating is based on the formula contained in the US Boating and Safety Act. This horsepower limitation does not apply to boats intended for racing.
  • Can the hull be extended or shortened? Yes. Up to 10% by re-spacing the frames from the aft end of the stem to the transom a proportional amount. We do not recommend increasing the beam.

More about Class Racing

This is the largest and potentially the fastest of our racing runabout group. The "C-D" class has attained straightaway speeds of more than 65 mph in "C" class, and more than 75 mph in "D" class.

Our CLASS C-D runabout has the potential to be a winner for the person who has the patience and will take the time to turn out a well-built boat and equip it with a properly tuned motor. Winning races requires the utmost care in preparing the entire outfit. While all racing boats are potentially hazardous, we've taken special care to make our CLASS C-D runabout a safe as well as a competitive boat. Minimal frontal area reduces any tendency to become airborne or "kite", and full length flaring sides make sharp turns safer and faster. Like the other boats in our CLASS series, we've kept the construction simple and basic. With Plans and Patterns or a Frame Kit and Plans, our construction methods allow you to hold accuracy to the highest degree, so critical in building a "winning" boat.

COMPLETE PLANS include FULL SIZE PATTERNS for the transom knee, breasthook, stem, coamings, and half section patterns for each frame and the transom. Includes instructions with Bill of Materials and Fastening Schedule.

Fastening Kit:
contains screws and nails as listed in the bill of materials
Fiberglass Kit:
contains fiberglass and Silvertip Epoxy with slow hardener