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a 13' electric powered double ender

Want an unusual boat? One that escapes the "cookie cutter plastic boat" syndrome? A craft that draws attention like steel to a magnet? PUG is that magnet.

PUG is a 13' double ended hull with huge beam powered with whisper quiet, environmentally friendly electric power. This is the boat to sneak along the banks of the lake or protected estuary silently with virtually the only sound being that of the water lapping the hull. The double ended, vee bottomed hull parts the water to flow around the hull with virtually a ripple.

Power can be of two types, either a conventional propeller shaft with strut and a separate electric DC motor or a modified ETM (electric trolling motor). Plans for building either are listed as PUG STANDARD and PUG ETM respectively. The ETM will be considerably cheaper and easier to install than the conventional strut/prop shaft system.

The hull can be constructed with the cabin, or the raised bulwark and cabin omitted and the craft built as an open runabout.

And PUG is easy to build by the Stitch-n-Glue method, the ideal construction technique for the neophyte. The procedural instructions for the Standard version calls out the underwater gear with source part numbers and an overview of the components required to use a DC electric motor for power.

The details for converting and installing the trolling motor are furnished in the included plans for the "ETM Mount & Bracket".

Stitch-n-Glue and Fiberglass Covering Kits enable the builder to have necessary materials to build the boat delivered to their door.


COMPLETE PLANS include PATTERNS for the form, cabin arc and beams, frames, motor beds, thrust knee, windshield ledge, bulkhead, side and bottom bow contour and full dimensional layouts for the side, bottom and bulwarks. Includes procedural Instructions, Bill of Materials, Fastening and Laminate schedules, Plywood Layouts, Stitch-n-Glue Manual and detailed large scale Plans covering virtually all aspects of the construction.


COMPLETE PLANS AND PATTERNS as listed above PLUS Plans and Patterns for the ETM MOUNT & BRACKET that covers complete details on converting an electric trolling motor to an inboard configuration with the controls mounted forward at the helm position.

Length overall:
13' 2"
6' 2"
Hull weight (approx.):
140 lbs.
Midship hull depth:
2' 7"
Cabin headroom:
5' 8"
Height, skeg to cabin top:
6' 6"
Displacement at designed waterline:
820 lbs.
Average passengers:
Hull type:
Vee bottom, double-ended hull, developed for Stitch-n-Glue sheet plywood construction.
Electric DC motor ½ to 1 HP operating on deep cycle batteries totaling 24 to 36 volts driving the propeller shaft with vee belts.
Optional Power:
An electric trolling motor modified per the GLEN-L "ETM Mount & Bracket" (plans included with the "PUG" ETM).
Designed for use with GLEN-L SERIES 750/1000 trailer plans.