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Our DRIFTER is a unique kind of dory better known as a "driftboat". This type of craft has evolved over the years in the Pacific Northwest and Canada for use on both "wild" and docile rivers. There's no reason why our DRIFTER won't prove just as suitable on the rivers in your part of the world. The high projecting prow and pronounced rocker make these boats ideal for any fast moving river as well as running through the surf, or any situation where a beamy, responsive, slippery craft is desired. There's plenty of room for campers or anglers and their gear, plus watertight compartments fore and aft for stowing water sensitive items and for peace of mind.

You can build your own DRIFTER in 14', 16', or 18' sizes using our plans and full size patterns. Construction is easy, fast, and inexpensive, even for the beginner. No special woods or tricky methods are necessary, and our full size patterns require no lofting, no layouts.

The DRIFTER can be powered with a small transom-mounted outboard motor. But remember, these boats have a limited top speed, so don't overpower. When properly used, your DRIFTER will move with ease and economy, and take the rough stuff to boot!

COMPLETE PLANS include FULL SIZE PATTERNS for the transom, stem, breasthook, transom knee, and building forms, including instructions, Bill of Materials, and Fastening Schedule.

Bulder Comments:
"The boat performed better than I could have dreamed. We went through some pretty serious rapids (even had water coming over the bow a few times) with a very heavy load and had no problems at all. I love it." Conlin Parrot - Sheridan, WY

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