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A 16' classic mid engine ski boat

The AUDEEN features classic styling and rugged construction. This is a perfect ski and utility boat in one. Constructed from sheet plywood for light weight and ease of construction, the hull is both dry and quick and just the right size for easy trailering. The current interest in classic runabouts has led many builders to finish AUDEEN with highly varnished mahogany decks and cockpit trim. Power can be just about any converted lightweight auto engine coupled with a time proven straight shaft set-up. The most common installation being a small block Chevy V-8. Of course, off the shelf marinized inboards can be used as well.

Just about any amateur can build this roomy boat using Glen-L Plans and full size Patterns.
Design History Note: The "Aud-een" was named after a girl named Audry Green who the designer, Glen L. Witt, dated for quite a few years.

Plans come with 5 scaled plans sheets, 2 full-size traceable pattern sheets for members like frames, transom, stem, etc., plus building instructions and our How to Use Patterns sheet.

"This is the third of four Glen-L designs I have built. The Audeen has mahogany frames, decks, cabin trim and motor cover. The longitudinal battens are oak with stiffeners. The sides are 3/8" and the bottom 3/4" marine plywood. It is powered with a 283 V/8 engine. The boat was completed in 1988 and is still pristine and being used regularly. The hardware, including the windshield brackets are from a 1954 Chris. It performs great and has won numerous awards at local wooden boat club shows, including the Skipper's Choice Award."—Builder Warren Lyon


Length overall:
Hull depth:
Hull weight (approx.)::
800 lbs.
Average passengers:
Hull type:
Vee bottom, hard chine hull, developed for sheet plywood planking.
Centrally located inboard motor.
Can the hull be extended or shortened?:
Yes. Up to 10% by re-spacing the frames from the aft end of the stem to the transom a proportional amount. We do not recommend increasing the beam.
Designed for use with Glen-L Series 2100 boat trailer plans.