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an 18' center console sport fishing boat

Why pay the high price for production center console sportfishers when you can build your own? Our KINGFISHER design lets you do it at a fraction of the cost. By using our plans with full size patterns, it's easier than you might think. Our instructions with material listing and fastening schedule help you achieve professional results you'll be proud of.

The KINGFISHER is virtually all cockpit with plenty of nooks and crannies for stowing gear, food, drink, ice, bait, and the catch. There's a raised casting deck forward and a helmsman's seat with a pivoting backrest for use as a dual fighting chair. It's the perfect boat for all sorts of fresh and salt water angling as well as diving or water skiing activities.

The KINGFISHER features a full length 18 degree deep vee hull with lift strakes for quick planing with minimum power. The hull incorporates a radiused keel section for a smooth ride, and a reverse curve at the chine to knock down spray and improve stability at rest. Power choices include single or twin outboards, or single I/O units (stern drive inboards). To make construction easier and faster, we have Fastening Kits and Fiberglass Covering Kits especially for your KINGFISHER.

Length overall:
Hull draft:
Hull depth:
Average passengers:
Hull weight (approx.):
800 lbs.
Cockpit size:
14'-8" x 6'-5"
Fuel capacity:
40 gal. maximum
Hull type:
Full length 18o deep vee with lift strakes, reverse curve at chine, and radiused keel section developed for sheet plywood planking.
Single or twin long shaft outboard motor to 175 hp maximum. Inboard stern mounted inboard/outboard to 750 lbs. maximum. Power trim and/or trim tabs recommended for high-speed use and for larger powerplants.
Can the hull be extended or shortened?:
Yes. Up to 10% by re-spacing the frames from the aft end of the stem to the transom a proportional amount. We do not recommend increasing the beam.
Designed for use with Glen-L Series 2100 boat trailer plans.