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There is something about a classic mahogany runabout that attracts admiration and attention. The flaring concave sides flowing into a reverse barrel tumblehome at the transom, combined with the gleaming mahogany finish, accentuate the sleek flowing lines and conjure up the feeling of what real boating is supposed to be.

The MONACO is a modern version of these classic runabouts using advanced construction techniques for the best of traditional design and contemporary construction techniques. The hull is built by cold-molding methods, plywood and thin veneers (or solid veneers) laminated over closely spaced framing members; a proven structurally sound concept that eliminates most of the maintenance and problems associated with the methods of yesteryear.

The plans specify the underwater hardware required such as strut, rudder, shaft log, etc. All of these fittings, custom designed for inboard runabouts, are available directly from Glen-L; searching for the proper hard to find fittings is not required.

Building is simplified by the use of longitudinal motor stringers that lock into each frame, a method pioneered by GLEN-L that assures accurate duplication of the hull lines. The complete Plans provide drawings on all phases of the construction with numerous enlarged details, sections, Fastening Schedule, Bill of Materials, and step by step Instructions. Full Size Patterns give templates for structural members and eliminate lofting or the use of complex dimensional layouts.

COMPLETE PLANS plus FULL SIZE PATTERNS include all details of the construction, plus sequential Instructions, Bill of Materials and Fastening Schedule. Full patterns are given for the deck beam arc, stem and breasthook with half section templates for each of the frames and transom showing both inner and outer contours and detailed joining members.

NEW! Now you can build the Monaco with an open cockpit "Utility" configuration. Order this as a supplement to the Plans & Patterns package.This provides more usable space for skiing, fishing or just moving around than the typical dual cockpit version. Yet, the classic runabout styling is retained so you have the best of both worlds; appearance and more room.

The plans for the two cockpit version of the Monaco have been revised by an Addendum sheet to illustrate the changes that are required to build the Utility version of the Monaco. And, alteration to the written instructions and Bill of Materials are also included.

Note: You will need to order this Addendum in ADDITION to the Monaco plans & patterns.

Can you build your own Mahogany Runabout?  Read our article to find out.

Length overall:
Hull depth midship:
Hull depth aft:
Hull weight (approx.):
950 lbs.
Fwd cockpit:
31" x 62"
Aft cockpit:
31" x 48"
Hull Type:
Cold-molded veneers and plywood. Convex vee bottom with flaring sides and generous transom tumblehome.
Centrally located inboard marine engine or automotive conversion, 250-350 cu. in.
Can the hull be extended or shortened?:
Yes. Up to 10% by re-spacing the frames from the aft end of the stem to the transom a proportional amount. We do not recommend increasing the beam.
For use with Glen-L Series 3800 trailer plans.