Party Boat

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A 20' or 22' deck boat

PARTY BOAT, deck boat, fun boat, call it what you will boat. It's a spacious wide open cockpit sitting atop an efficient hull. Pack it with passengers and take off to a remote area for picnics. Tow water skiers? Right on, and there is plenty of room for passengers. Fishing? Sure, add a trolling motor and equip the bow deck with a chair and you're set up for some wicked fly, bass or walleye chasing and catching. The interior layout shows cabinetry that can contain sink, stove, and ice box. The layout is versatile; the seats could be converted to berths, and with a canopy you have an overnighter. Or, modify the interior to suit the needs of your family.

The hull has a generous vee with flat area at the chine to cut down the spray on a windy day and stabilize the hull at rest. The full length 15 degree monohedron bottom assures flat running at all speeds and a soft ride when that afternoon chop kicks up. The forward deck area extends beyond the hull underbody to knock down spray and provide a roomy area for fishing or just plain relaxing.

The bottom is 3/4" thick reinforced with bulkhead type frames with vertical longitudinals between. And for ease of construction, the forward portion of the sheer is a patterned sawn harpin to eliminate bending wood around the curvature. This is a tough rugged hull. Power it with a total of 200 shaft horsepower and you'll hit speeds in the 35 mph range, or for economy, 65 HP will get you in the mid 20 mph range.

And the building should be well within the abilities of the average handy person. The complete plans include progressive written instructions, size, type, and number of fasteners to use at each junction is given and complete specifications for the lumber and plywood. Plus full size patterns with each frame fully detailed to simplify the building even more; no lofting or dimensional layouts are required when you build the PARTY BOAT.




Length overall:
20'-6" or 22'-4"
Hull depth:
Hull weight (approx.):
1500 lbs.
Displacement @ 11" designed waterline:
3100 lbs.
Length, seat back to seat back: 13'-9" Width, maximum: 7'
Hull Type:
Vee bottom 15o hard chine hull developed for sheet plywood.
Single or twin outboard motors; long or extra-long shaft for single, extra-long for twins. Optional power stern mounted inboard/outboard, v-drive or jet pump optional but not detailed.
Can the hull be extended or shortened?:
Not beyond the lengths listed. We do not recommend increasing the beam.
For use with Glen-L Series 3800 trailer plans.