Sweet Caroline

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a 20' dory/skiff

Our SWEET CAROLINE is an improved version of the traditional dory/skiff commonly found along the coast of the Southeastern Atlantic seaboard. We've refined the design to be even simpler and less expensive to build, and have enhanced the qualities that have made this type of craft so popular.

For example, we've simplified the construction on SWEET CAROLINE to the point where even the beginner should have no difficulty. The Full Size Patterns eliminate the need for lofting and layouts. The plans are supplemented with sequential instructions, a material listing and utilization layouts, plus fastening schedule so nothing is left to chance. With our "stress-skin" plywood planking, there are only three frames required, and these have been carefully located so that they don't trip up any passengers. Careful design using pre-beveling wherever possible keeps fairing to an absolute minimum. The result is a strong boat that is amazingly light in weight for its size. It only takes eight standard 4' x 8' sheets of 1/2" plywood to build the boat, plus a few lengths of lumber for the longitudinals and framing.

The flat, straight bottom on the SWEET CAROLINE accounts for the low power requirements of this craft. For example, speeds approaching the 30 mph bracket are possible with a 40 hp outboard. In fact, this boat makes a good rowboat, with either a single or double bank of oars. The hull is amazingly stable and seaworthy, making this an ideal boat for fishermen. The motor is located in a well that allows the shortshaft motor to kick up entirely within the boat to prevent snagging lines and nets.

To make the project even simpler and faster, we've made Fastening Kits available that include all the screws and nails required to build the hull as listed in the Bill of Materials. For those who want added durability over the years, we recommend sheathing the exterior of the hull with one of our Fiberglass Covering Kits. With our SWEET CAROLINE, we doubt that you'll find an easier boat to build in the 20' range, or one that is more ecomonical to build, own or operate.

Client Feedback:

"I purchased plans from you for the "Sweet Caroline" around 1990...built it...registered it in Massachusetts in 1994...it has been the best ever since! Sank in a hurricane...survived...has taken my daughters and now my grand children up harbor every year...thank you for providing me with the detailed instruction to build this incredible boat. It has been moored in Nantucket harbor (Massachusetts) for 14 going on 15 years. Yes. It has totally changed my life...as anyone else will acknowledge who has built their dream. I thank you forever! always!" charles

Length overall:
Bottom length:
Transom width:
Displacement @ 6" draft:
1600 lbs.
Hull weight (approx.):
640 lbs.
Hull depth forward:
Hull depth aft:
Hull depth midships:
Bottom width:
Average passengers:
Hull type:
Flat bottom dory-type, developed for sheet plywood planking.
Single shortshaft (15" nominal) outboard motor from 10 to 40 hp, mounted in a motorwell. Longshaft motor optional with minor modifications.
Can the hull be extended or shortened?:
Yes: up to 10% by re-spacing the frames from the aft end of the stem to the transom a proportional amount. We do not recommend increasing the beam.
Designed for use with Glen-L Series 1700 boat trailer plans.