James Cook

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Here's a compact cruising sailboat modeled after much larger ocean going types, but with one very important difference: It's trailerable! But unlike typical trailer-sailers, our JAMES COOK features the safety of a fixed ballast keel. The draft is such that launching from most modern ramps or sling launching facilities is still practical, and weight is within the range of many tow vehicles. Just think of the savings in slip rental fees and the ability to cruise on distant waters often denied non-trailerable boats!

With such graceful and timeless lines together with the balanced proportions incorporated in our JAMES COOK, it's hard to believe that our designers could work spacious accommodations for four or more with full 6' headroom in a boat of this modest size. Yet, there's a fully enclosed centrally located head with shower, port and starboard quarter berths, a spacious U-shaped settee with drop-leaf table, and a full width vee berth forward which extends to full length when the settee back cushion is raised. Other features include a navigator's station with hinged chart table, two hanging lockers, and a complete galley with double-bowl sink, stove, and top loading ice box.

On deck, the JAMES COOK is much like larger ocean sailing yachts. Side decks are wide enough for easy access forward, shrouds are located inboard for sail efficiency, and there's a raised bulwark all around for safety. The cockpit well is compact in size for quick draining, yet deck areas are spacious for lounging. Even though our JAMES COOK might be called a traditional character-type boat, the hull and rig are efficient and reflect many of the latest design advances. An efficient keel "foil" and separated rudder skeg, cutaway forefoot, low wetted hull area, fine entrance angle, plenty of sail area in relation to displacement, and balanced hull lines all assure a weatherly and responsive vessel. The sail plan and mast length have been kept low for stability, and ease of trailering and launching. The JAMES COOK can be fitted out as either a sloop or cutter rig having a self-tacking jib. Steering is by a reliable, simple, and low cost outboard rudder and tiller. A small auxiliary motor can be installed for power, with convenient access from within the cabin.

Construction of the JAMES COOK is well within the abilities of most amateurs. You can build in plywood or solid wood veneers (cold-molded wood) by using the plans for the Plywood Version. Or build the JAMES COOK in "one-off" fiberglass using PVC or balsa cores and fiberglass laminates, or fiberglass planking laminates using the Fiberglass Version plans. With either method, the cabin and deck areas use conventional lumber and plywood methods sheathed with fiberglass or equivalent materials for durability, simplicity, and low cost. Whichever method you decide on, you'll receive Full size Patterns so that no lofting is required. Our fully detailed plans together with voluminous instruction manuals simplify and speed your building project, and assure results you and your family will be proud of, all at a cost far less than similar sized production boats.

Length overall (minus bowsprit):
Length overall (with bowsprit):
Length waterline:
Freeboard forward:
Freeboard aft:
Displacement (at D.W.L.):
5960 lbs.
Ballast weight:
2250 lbs.
Fuel capacity*:
32 gals.
Water capacity*:
30 gals.
Multiple tanks allow varying balances of fuel and water to 62 gals.
Height (to cabin top):
Cabin headroom:
Sleeping accommodations:
Sail area:

      Main - 135 sq. ft.
      Foretriangle - 182 sq. ft.
      Total - 317 sq. ft.
Hull type:
Round bilge hull form with fixed ballast keel.
Plans available for "one-off" fiberglass using either PVC foam sandwich core or fiberglass planking with fiberglass laminates, or for cold-molded plywood construction with solid wood veneers as an alternate.
Resin stabilized steel scrap in a welded steel shell.
Sail type:
Masthead cutter (double head rig) or sloop.
Single inboard gasoline or diesel engine to 10 BHP with suitable reduction gear not exceeding 300 lbs. total.
Designed for use with Glen-L 6000 boat trailer plans.