Chunky Dory

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A modified Pacific power dory

Why do people choose the Pacific style dories? Because they're easy to build and modify, rugged and seaworthy, and these time-tested designs seem to ride better the heavier you load them.

CATEGORY: Power Dorys & Skiffs
CONSTRUCTION: Sheet plywood planking/wood framing or welded aluminum

Here’s a versatile, roomy, simple, and able craft. Plans include two bottom options: A smoother riding v-entry version much improved over other Pacific dory types, or the simpler all-flat bottom option. Plans also let you build in any of three lengths: 20'4", 23'0" (standard), or 25'8". A deep cockpit and wide bottom assure safety and stability. Three power options include I/O, transom-mounted outboards (single or twin), or single well-mounted outboard. Planing occurs with about 40 HP, and bigger engines up to 1000 lbs. total are OK

Construction is rugged but simple and inexpensive. Plans are available in either sheet plywood or welded aluminum. Plywood hulls have ½" standard or ¾" optional thickness bottoms over 2" sawn wood frames. Aluminum hulls use 3/16" on the bottom and " sides. Outfit the huge interior as you wish - center console, cuddy cabin, trunk cabin, foredeck , etc. Or just leave it wide open.

All plans include FULL-SIZE PATTERNS, instructions, material list, and fastening schedule on wood version.

Plywood plans include FULL-SIZE PATTERNS for frame and backbone member contours plus instructions, material list and fastening schedule.


Length overall (standard):
23'0" (*)
Bottom width:
Depth aft:
Hull weight (approx.):
1200/1500 lbs.
Power (minimum recommended):
40 HP
20'4" & 25'8" OPTIONAL