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The Everglade has a side entry for access from curbside. The bathroom allows for self-containment, and incorporates a lavatory with room for a shower. The forward dinette/side kitchen layout provides a spacious cooking area with room for an ice box or refrigerator and a stove with oven adjacent to the double sink. Plenty of storage spaces are provided under the countertop, dinette seats, raised floor, above the dinette, over the kitchen work space, and above the cabover bed. A large wardrobe is provided at a convenient location next to the main door. The cabover area provides more space than the standard double bed while the dinette converts to a spacious double bed. A folding canvas bunk can be used over the dinette. We definitely feel the typical do-it-yourself person can build a camper that cannot be recognized from a professionally produced model when the Glen-L methods are used. Our patterns system, plus the procedural construction booklet with numerous photos, drawings, and written text, takes the builder through every stage of construction. You also receive complete material listings, material utilization layouts... and dimensions to build your own camper all at a fraction of the cost you would pay for a factory made model.

"Was very excited to receive these plans in the mail nearly six months ago and I was not disappointed. The plans are very comprehensive and easy to read with exploded areas where extra detail is needed. Keeping in mind these plans are from the seventies with a few modifications on the front it was easy to modernize the profile. The added bonus is no specialized tools are required and can be made completely using only hand tools, however a table & circular saw ,router and sander will speed up the process. The manual also goes into great detail where required and offers many tips that can make the whole job easier. The full size plans are really helpful to get you started on the right track. I should also mention there is a good amount of detail and hints on the inside cabinetry and offers up more than one way to get the job done. Amazing value in my opinion. Im now 5 months in on my 1-2 year build and loving every moment. Thank you Glen-l."

Richard slidecamper.com

- Richard Ziewiec, INT
Camper floor length:
Camper overall length:
Camper overall height:
Camper overall width:
Living area headroom:
6'3" to 6'7"
Cabover headroom (deduct for mattress):
Fresh water capacity (standard):
20 gals.
LPG capacity (standard):
5 gals
Dry weight (estimated):
1650 lbs.
Sleeping capacity:
4 - 6 adults
Truck capacity (recommended):
3/4 ton