Jean Pierre

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A 27' St. Pierre dory for power or sail

CATEGORY: St. Pierre Dories
CONSTRUCTION: Plywood planking/wood framing

Based on the renowned St. Pierre dories that have worked safely off the Grand Banks for over a hundred years, these designs are rugged and seaworthy. For example, we’ve received reports that one made the trip from Anchorage to Seattle and return on its own bottom. Yet these are easy boats to build and low in cost. Cockpit space and load-carrying ability are superb.

Plans include options for either SAIL OR POWER versions (*). In both cases, an outboard tiller/rudder is shown for low cost, simplicity, and reliability, although an inboard rudder with remote steering is adaptable. Because of wider bottoms than is typical for similar boats, we can include SAIL versions having the ability to carry generous sloop rigs. JEAN PIERRE uses a NACA-section lead or steel fixed fin keel. Easily-made wood spars are detailed for economy, but aluminum types are optional.

POWER versions include options for a well-mounted outboard with "kick-up" ability, inboard with in-line shaft, or inboard with Nova Scotia dory-type "haul-up" shaft option. Sail versions also include a thru-hull saildrive. In all cases, a motor from 10 to 20 SHP will suffice for easy powering with economy (speeds are limited in these boats to 6-10 knots due to hull form and rocker).

Cabins feature full sitting headroom above the full-length v-berth, with space for a head below. Construction features easily-formed sheet plywood over straight-contoured frames of ordinary lumber that require little fairing. Plans for either design include FULL-SIZE PATTERNS, instructions, fastening schedule, and material listing.

Length overall:
Length waterline:
Bottom width (max):
Draft (Power Version):
Draft (Sail Version max):
Displacement (@ DWL):
5460 lbs.
Ballast (Sail Version):
1650 lbs.
Sail area (Sail Version):
293 sq. ft.
Fuel capacity:
60 gals.

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