Rogue Runner

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a 17½’ inboard or outboard sled boat

CATEGORY: Jet Sleds & Whitewater River Boats
CONSTRUCTION: Sheet plywood planking/wood framing or welded aluminum

You can readily navigate wide, fast-moving, rock-strewn rivers in this whitewater sled. An upswept pram bow with some "vee" in the bottom, flaring topsides, and flat run aft assure rapid, safe motivation, even in the shallows. Power comes from an outboard retro-fitted with a jet pump lower unit (20" or 25" shaft length), or an inboard with jet drive. If you like, you can also use propeller-drive in outboard or I/O’s where water depths permit - all these options are detailed and/or covered.

Plywood construction is simple, inexpensive, and robust, but not over-weight. Bottom is ½" with " sides, with heavier options possible to a point. The backbone includes six sawn wood frames crossed by inner longitudinals- a husky internal structure to which you can mount seats, consoles, motors, etc. Outer hull surfaces get sheathed with fiberglass and epoxy for durability, easy maintenance, and top appearance.

Aluminum hulls use a similar all-aluminum framing configuration with 3/16" bottom and 1/8" side plating - all materials are standard types and shapes requiring no special fabrication techniques.

Whichever material is used, plans include FULL-SIZE PATTERNS for the backbone member contours so no lofting or layouts are required. Hulls are built over a simple jig, and include easy methods for varying boat length by respacing frames or duplicating frames aft. The huge open interior allows builders to outfit the boat to suit their needs. You can build the foredeck in either a short or long option.


Length overall (standard):
Bottom width:
Hull depth (aft):
Hull weight (approx.):
700 lbs
Power (outboard HP):
40 to 125
16' to 20' optional