Trailer 1200/1800 Plans - PDF

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Downloadable PDF version
NOTE: This is a downloadable PDF version of this trailer plan and you will need Adobe Reader to view the file. The original plans are TO SCALE when printed on 11" x 17" paper. If you can't print that size, you may want to order the print version which is sent full size. The manual is 8-1/2" x 11". After you order, the downloadable file will immediately be emailed to you in your Order Confirmation Email. This file is 29 pages, so it will be very slow to upload--please be patient!

Series 4000/6000 Boat Trailer Plans designed by Ken Hankinson for twin hull boats such as pontoon boats and power catamarans.

Series 1200/1800 Boat Trailer Plans designed by Ken Hankinson.

Our plans incorporate modern, up-to-date, technologically advanced features to give you a boat trailer that is equal or superior to most any you can buy.
Load Capacity - 1200 - 1800 lbs
Nominal Boat Length - 15' - 19'
Number of Axles - 1