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A 15' outboard whitewater sled boat

Trips on the river with friends and family will never be forgotten now. These memories will live on...

This compact whitewater sled offers quick and nimble maneuvering in tight quarters on fast-moving streams and rivers, Or use on other waters just like any boat. Its smaller size makes it easy to trail, easy to build, and easy on the wallet. Yet it’s strong and rugged whether built in sheet plywood or welded aluminum. Both versions feature five husky frames. Bottoms are 1/2" total with 3/8" sides on plywood hulls. Aluminum hulls use 3/16" bottom and 1/8" sides - heavier scantlings than most boats this size and in keeping with the tough intended usage.

Power comes from a 20" or 25" shaft length outboard fitted with jet pump for whitewater use, or standard propeller otherwise. A slight "vee" in the bottom aft keeps the pump primed and assures responsive steering. The vee increases forward, much more so than other boats this size. Combined with an upswept pram bow and flaring topsides, the ride is surprisingly smooth and dry. An integral splash well keeps out any backwash while adding extra transom stiffness.

A spacious open cockpit with minimal foredeck lets you add a control console, seating, and amenities to suit your needs. And it’s easy to vary boat length a foot or so either way. FULL-SIZE PATTERNS for frame and transom contours, together with instructions and material listings especially for do-it-yourselfers makes building quick and easy. Plywood plans show joining methods making it easy to use 8' panels throughout.

"I am the proud owner/builder of a SCRAMBLER. On the Rogue and Klamath Rivers, I've had lots of guys with the high dollar boats check mine out, wishing they had built one and not spent the money on their big guns. The best compliment I had was when an old Indian who has spent his life on the Klamath River fishing for salmon, walked around it and said, "Now that's a good boat." ...Frank Shunk, California

 The right size and price I think this is a perfect design for my daughter and I to start a small boat path through another chapter of our lives.Andres Salazar, CA  

Length overall:
Bottom width:
Hull depth aft:
Hull weight (approx.):
550 lbs.
Power (outboard HP):
35 to 100
Designed for use with Glen-L Series 1200/1800 boat trailer plans.
Sheet plywood planking/wood framing or welded aluminum
14'6" to 16'6" optional