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a 17' or 18' inboard or outboard sled boat

CATEGORY: Jet Sleds & Whitewater River Boats
CONSTRUCTION - Both Designs:
Sheet plywood planking with wood framing or welded aluminum
6º OR 12º Aft Vee-Bottom Options

For whitewater river running, not much matches our SLITHER VEE sleds. (See SNAKE SHOOTER for a larger version.) The SLITHER design includes two V-bottom options. For ultimate shallow water use, build the 6° transom vee (12° bow entry). For deeper rivers or more open waters such as lakes, bays, sounds, or other choppy waters, build the 12° transom vee (20° bow entry). In all cases you get a beamy hull deep enough for safety, with generous full-length flare for dry running.

With SLITHER you can build with standard covered foredeck or with BOW COCKPIT and pass-thru on the Aluminum Version. Power options with both designs detail single 20" or 25" shaft length outboard (jet pump retrofit or prop optional), or stern-mounted inboard with jet or I/O. Weight limits are 750 lbs. for jets and 675 lbs. for I/O's.

All plans include FULL SIZE PATTERNS for frame member outer contours; NO LOFTING REQUIRED! Instructions especially for amateurs include material listings. Plans also include easy methods for altering boat length. You can build SLITHER at either 17' or 18' long.

Separate plans are available for sheet plywood or welded aluminum construction for both designs. Plywood hulls total 1/2" bottoms and 3/8" sides over a rugged framework, with fiberglass coverings on the outside. Aluminum hulls have 3/16" bottoms and 1/8" sides over transverse frames reinforced by standard extrusion longitudinals.

Construction is simple yet rugged in either material. Sides and bottom are fully developable for easy application without special forming. Frames, transom, and stem (all taken from pattern contours), are set upside down over a simple but rigid form. Hull-strengthening longitudinals are then wrapped around. Then hull sheets are leaned against this framework, marked to shape, cut, and fastened or welded in place - it's quick and easy even for first-timers. Yet results can equal or exceed those found on costly production boats.

So whether you want to fish, run rapids, or tow skiers, SLITHER can do it all. Don't forget! You can also build your own boat trailer from our Boat Trailer Plans.

Length overall:
17' or 18'
Bottom width:
Hull depth (fore/aft):
Cockpit depth aft:
Hull weight (approx.):
700 lbs.
Fuel capacity:
30 gals.
Power (outboard HP):
50 to 165
Sheet plywood planking with wood framing or welded aluminum