Steermaster Replacement Cables

Steermaster steering systems are no longer being manufactured and parts are no longer available except those listed below. However, we do have a supplier of the Mark II and Mark III replacement cables only, which are listed below. These cables are manufactured once a year and when stock is gone, it isn't available until the next year. Order now to make sure you don't miss out!

NOTE: Some older cables may be labeled as MK2 or MK3 and that may be incorrect. Please verify the type of cable you need: the Mark 2 has a threaded end at the motor, the Mark 3 has a flat end with a hole.

We recommend a lightweight marine oil to lubricate these cables. Using grease will cause the cable to freeze up or will build up a vacuum due to the high viscosity and cause it to freeze up. For the ring gear, use Quicksilver 2-4-C marine lubricant with teflon.

Measuring Replacement Cable Lengths
Mark II & Mark III Cable Differences
Installation Instructions