Tahoe 23

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classic mahogany runabouts

CATEGORY: Classic Mahogany Runabouts
CONSTRUCTION: Cold-Molded/Epoxy Planking

NOTE: Length option is done by respacing frames proportionately. These procedures are covered in the instructions, and the option comes automatically with the plans - no need to specify on your order.

Looking for a classic mahogany runabout in a more modern theme typical of runabouts built in the period from the mid 1950's through the early 1960's? Then look no further than our Tahoe 19 & 23 designs. They exude luxury and elegance together with authentic styling cues and hull forms similar to those from the leading domestic and European builders of the time.

Note their lean lines and trim profiles with generous "rolled funnel" deck edges, coupled to near-rakish elements such as forward-inclined transoms and forward-raked double curvature "clipper" bow profiles. These hull shapes also have even greater bow flare and sophisticated bottom shapes compared to boats of earlier decades, which result in the ability to accommodate larger motors and higher speeds.

Such hulls can't be planked with full sheets of plywood as such, and would be ugly if that were possible. While perhaps more complex as a result, their beauty is easy to reproduce using our modern wood-epoxy "cold molded" planking methods. The result is a hull free of leaking joints and flex that can detract from performance and longevity. In other words, a superior boat, but still at a fraction of the cost of a new production replica or restored original, assuming you could even find one.

With our "cold molded" epoxy/ply/veneer planking method, there are no rabbets to cut, no steam bending, no caulked seams, and no lofting. Bottom thickness totals ½" (four layers) with 3/8" topsides (three layers with the final appearance layer applied lengthwise). Planking is reinforced inside by a series of longitudinal stiffeners wrapped around husky sawn wood frames and related backbone members. The completed hull is stiff, strong, and durable yet lightweight, free from rot and easy to maintain.

These boats use a single direct-drive inboard motor located amidships. While gasoline power is typically used, diesel is an option as long as weight won't exceed that of the largest gasoline type that might be found within our listed displacement ratings.

However, we advise against overpowering these boats-speeds over 50 MPH should not be attempted at least without some trials and a backlog of experience with the boat first. If using longer "in-line" motors, and/or those that may be on the heavy side, we would recommend considering building the longer option hull included with both designs. Such a change is done by respacing frames proportionately so appearance features are retained. Shortening these boats, however, is not recommended.

Plans with instructions especially intended for the do-it-yourself craftsman include all the details along with material listing, fastening schedule, and resource list to help you track down what you need. Also provided are FULL SIZE PATTERNS for the sawn frame and backbone members so lofting is not required.

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Length overall:
Length option:
Draft w/prop:
Freeboard fwd:
Freeboard aft:
Motor type:
Motor cu in:
Fuel capacity:
40 gals.
Hull wgt approx.:
1000 lbs.
Cockpit size - L x W - Forward:
6'1" x 5'8"
Cockpit size - L x W - Aft:
2'4" x 3'11"