The New Cold-Molded Boatbuilding

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by Reuel B. Parker
Published by WoodenBoat Books
320 pages, lots of black & white photos and illustrations, soft cover.
Copyright 2005, ISBN: 0-937822-89-2
It's generally agreed that cold-molded construction is the best method for the amateur or low-profile professional interested in building a full-size cruising boat. A truly appropriate technology, cold molding combines the beauty of wood with the low-maintenance characteristics of fiberglass. "The New Cold-Molded Boatbuilding" is the complete, soup-to-nuts presentation of this process, with chapters detailing every facet of construction--from choosing a design and setting up through engine installation and wiring to launching and sea trials. In addition, the author has streamlined the cold-molding process considerably, producing boats that are more economical, efficient, and sturdy--boats built from native materials that will last the life of the builder and turn heads in harbors around the world.

Note: The Cold Molded process described in this book is similar but not the same as used in our designs. However, there is a lot of other helpful information such as joinery work, keel lamination, turning the hull, electrical, plumbing, finishing and more.