Wildcat E_X_T Cuddy

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a 24' cuddy cabin power catamaran

CATEGORY: Power Catamarans
CONSTRUCTION: Sheet plywood planking/wood framing or welded aluminum

Now the do-it-yourself boatbuilder can save a bundle and still take part in the revival of the proven power catamaran concept.  Our trailerable WILDCAT "E-X-T" CUDDY design offers many benefits for the do-it-yourself builder including:

  • Greater load-carrying ability for better versatility
  • Increased fuel capacity for greater range
  • Higher horsepower ratings for even better performance

For their size, these boats offer the best combination of a smooth ride in rough seas at high speeds using modest power and minimal fuel.

The advantages of power catamarans result from reduced resistance due to less frontal area of the narrower twin hulls, and a cushion of air compressed within the tunnel that adds to lift for quick acceleration while softening the ride.

In addition, these boats are more inherently stable than monohulls, both at rest and underway. The slender v-bottom hulls minimize pounding. Tracking is straight and true at any speed without roll, yaw, or lean, even when running before seas or with the wind abeam. Yet turns are tight, secure, and nearly flat even at speed.

Because beam is carried virtually to the bow, the self-bailing cockpit is huge, flat, and uncluttered. A step-over transom gate cut-out leads to a dive-swim step just above water-level. The result is a spacious sportfisher, a super-stable dive platform, or efficient user-friendly workboat.

Hull construction is especially intended for the amateur - either epoxy-glued fiberglass-covered sheet plywood or welded aluminum. Rugged but lightweight bulkhead-type frames feature integral cross beams for strength. FULL SIZE PATTERNS are provided for all hull-forming backbone members and frame contours - no lofting required. Sequential instructions cover all aspects of the design and include hull material listings.

Our 24' WILDCAT "E-X-T" CUDDY; features an express-type windshield control station. Speeds for either with twin outboard motors of listed power will approximate 25 MPH at lower ratings and 50+ MPH at the higher ratings. See our 22' WILDCAT "E-X-T" SPORT if an open-cockpit center console appeals to you.

Length overall:
Draft (hull):
Hull depth max.:
5000 lbs.
Boat weight (dry, approx. Ply or Alum):
2500 lbs.
Fuel capacity:
100 gals.
Cockpit length:
Cockpit width:
Cockpit depth:
Recommended total horsepower::
Alternate power:
(Twin 25" Extra Long Shaft Outboards)
20' or 24' optional