Amp Eater Stitch & Glue Kit B

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Use this kit if you do NOT plan on fiberglassing the exterior of the boat. Includes material for assembling the hull. Includes Raka epoxy resin and fiberglass laminates for the INSIDE and OUTSIDE of planking junctions of the hull.

Stitch 'n Glue Kit includes:

3-3/4 gallons Raka epoxy with slow hardener
1 lb. microspheres
1 lb. silica
13 yds 38" cloth
50 feet copper wire
6 dz 3/4" #8 bronze screws
5 dz 1" #8 bronze screws
1 gross 1 1/2" #8 bronze screws
2 ea 3" #14 bronze screws
1/2 lb. 3/4" #14 bronze ring type nails
1/2 lb. 1" #12 bronze ring type nails
1 ea 3/8"x6" galvanized carriage bolt with nut & washer
Use our Fiberglass Covering Kit for the outside.
Use when you do NOT plan on fiberglassing the complete outside.