Taking  Some of the Guess Work out of Shaft Drilling

Taking Some of the Guess Work out of Shaft Drilling

Posted by Glen-L Marine on Feb 28th 2023

We've heard many times that one of the most intimidating parts of the boat building process—for those building a boat with an inboard motor—is the shaft-drilling process. "Where does the hole start?" and "How do I know where it will end up" are among the common concerns. 

Fortunately, longtime Glen-L boatbuilder and Tech Support associate, Ken Schott, has worked with us to develop a special Shaft Drilling Kit, with a shaft extension piece with a quick-change chuck designed to work with your cordless drill. There are also a collection of bits and hole saws to make the process as smooth as possible.

Are you nearing that critical step in your build? Contact us at Glen-L and we can let you borrow our special kit for nothing more than a deposit and the cost of shipping. We want to take the stress out of the building process!

To see more about the kit and process Ken developed, check this video:

We also have available 20" sections of special high-strength, filament-wound shaft logs that can be used as stern tubing, or as a shaft log. These logs work perfectly with our new Shaft Drilling Kit. See the shaft logs here.

We offer the Shaft Drilling Kit for a $200 deposit plus shipping. The recipient is allowed to keep the kit for as long as a week, then when it is returned the $200 is refunded.

For more information contact josh@glen-l.com or call 562-630-6258. 

Happy building!