E-Glass Shaft Log

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These modern, high-strength, Lloyd's approved, wound E-glass shaft logs can be used either as hole liners paired with our traditional bronze shaft logs, or as a stand-alone shaft log tube mated with a stuffing box directly, eliminating the need for the bridge-over support piece on cut frame (See mock-up photo below).

These special 20" long pieces have been sanded down some to fit perfectly with the hole saw size used in our rental Shaft Drilling Kit (available for a deposit and cost of shipping). Our tubes also come with one end pre-grooved with hose barbs for clamping on stuffing box hose.

ID: 1.29"

OD: 1.75" (actually turned down slightly so they fit inside a 1.75" hole with room for epoxy filler.

Our Centek shaft logs are filament wound using only neat vinyl ester resin and corrosion-resistant E glass fibers to ensure maximum performance. Smooth, resin-rich innder diameters ensure precision functionality.