Walter's Malahini Build

Walter's Malahini Build

Posted by WalterH on Sep 4th 2018


I spent the month of July making the frames for my Malahini and took August off. September is off to a good start with building the form and hanging the frames.  I raised the height of the building form to "bucket height" so I can fair the sheer without getting on my knees.  I can sit on a 5 gal. bucket and do it comfortably.  This should also make it easier to turn the boat over when the time comes.

I used lap joints for all frame members in addition to the gussets for really strong joints.  The frames are quarter sawn white oak with Okoumi plywood gussets.  Since I don't like nails, I'm fastening everything with silica bronze screws. I've primed all vertical surfaces with two coats of epoxy. 

Leveling the Building Form

Leveling the building form was easy using a digital level, which got me to within .1 degree in all axes. The real test for me was that the breasthook is level at the exact distance below the keel. So far, everything has worked out according to the plans.

Next Steps

Next steps are to refine the dadoes for the keel and cut out notches for the sheer and chine log. I'm using clamps so that I can remove each frame and do the woodwork in my air-conditioned shop.

I was going to erect a bow house over the hull, but so far I'm happy to just cover the boat with a tarp each evening. The adventure continues.