Glass Bottom Stitch and Glue Kit

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It's nice when building to have all the fasteners at hand and it eliminates a bunch of "expletives deleted" when you don't have what is required at your fingertips. Get the right stuff to do the job all in one package.

All of the bronze screws required to build the boat are furnished in the right sizes and quantities. Raka epoxy resin with hardener, enough for gluing the parts, encapsulating the interior, applying seam fiberglass reinforcing, and making the fillets. Special marine grade fiberglass to reinforce the seams and stitch wire are furnished.

This kit includes:
1-1/2 Gallons Raka epoxy with slow hardener
2 yards 50" fiberglass cloth (to be cut at 45 degree angle for taping seams)
1 lb Microspheres
1 lb Silica
50 feet Copper wire
144 - 3/4" #8 Bronze Wood Screws
36 - 1" #8 Bronze Wood Screws
144 - 1 1/4" #8 Bronze Wood Screws
60 - 1 1/2" #8 Bronze Wood Screws

Does Not include plans & patterns