Raptor 19 Gauge Composite Staples

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(1/2" Crown - boxes of 5040)

Raptor 19 gauge composite staples have a lot of uses around the boat shop. For instance securing scarphs on small timbers while the epoxy kicks. I was scarphing some staves for a birdsmouth mast when rather than use the usual set of spring clamps, I decided to try the composite staples

Needless to say, they worked like a champ. When the epoxy was set, I just hit the staples with a rasp to take off the staple heads and the epoxy drips and went straight to the planer.

Other uses? How about strip planking, cold molding, Skin on frame skins, securing canvas deck covers, fiberglass darts and overlaps. You will thank youself a hundred times that you got some of these plastic staples.