Rusty Hooks and the Great Sailboat Race

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Written by our very own Joshua Colvin, owner of Glen-L and editor at Small Craft Advisor magazine. Come aboard for an around-the-world sailboat race that features a colorful cast of characters, including billionaire investor Chester Rockerfeller, actor Max Mogul, the impatient speedster Wanda Wetbottom, and the unlikely heroes, the ancient mariner Rusty Hooks and his dog Old Blue.

Perfect for ages 3-8. Hardbound, all color, 8 x 11 on 70-pound paper. Signed by the author upon request.

From book:

"Oh and there’s one other competitor, someone I almost forgot.

But even if he started a month before the others,
experts say he’d still be a long shot.

He’s an ancient mariner whose name is Captain Rusty Hooks.
He sails a teeny, tiny, sloop, all weighted down with books."