Alpha 2

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Our ALPHA-2 is similar to the classic "Beachcomber-Alpha" club dories of New England, and somewhat like the famous Swampscott dories. Modified for adaptation to modern, lightweight double-chine sheet plywood planking, the ALPHA-2 is a close descendant of the rugged working dories well known for their seaworthiness.

With sweet, slimmed-down lines for speed and ease of handling, our ALPHA-2 is even faster and cheaper to build than ever before! Built over a simple temporary form, the hull has no permanent frames. Only a little over six sheets of standard sized plywood and a few board feet of lumber are required. And with our comprehensive plans featuring full-size Patterns, no lofting is required (although dimensions for the hull are given for those who wish to go through this exercise). Detailed instructions cover all phases of the construction making this a simple project even for the amateur.

The ALPHA-2 features a centerboard and shallow draft rudder for easy launching and beaching. Steering is accomplished by a rudder yoke and stern sheets, however, a tiller can be fitted optionally. Wood spars are detailed in the plans, or you can us an aluminum spar (see

To keep costs low and make your shopping easier, we offer Hardware Kits, Rigging Kits, Fastening Kits, Fiberglass Covering Kits, and Sails just for your ALPHA-2. The ALPHA-2 is a boat you'll be proud to own, with graceful lines that will surely turn heads wherever you choose to sail.

Length overall:
Bottom length:
Hull depth overall:
Depth amidships:
Depth of board below bottom:
Hull weight (approx.):
400 lbs.
Average passengers:
Sail area:

Main - 101 sq. ft.
Jib - 16 sq. ft.
Total - 117 sq. ft.
Hull type:
Double chine dory, 3/8" (sides), 1/2" (bottom) sheet plywood. Sail type: Sloop rig with centerboard.
Sail, scull, or oars.
Designed for use with Glen-L Series 1000 boat trailer plans.