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The KIDYAK is a 9' kid's kayak. It's compact and light, about 20 lbs. It'll sink in the water 3" when the gross weight with boat is about 100 lbs., and it's safe; two watertight compartments provide plenty of flotation.

The KIDYAK is easy and inexpensive to build, and requires only a single panel of plywood. Inexpensive 1/8" luan "door skin" plywood was used on the prototype, although 1/4" fir is optional.

Building is quick and easy with the Stitch and Glue building method, and the Glen-L Full Sized Patterns are furnished for every part in the boat. Patterns are also included to make your own double bladed paddle.

Why wait? Start now and give your special kid a fun boat of their own.

Length overall:
Hull depth midship:
Weight (approx., 1/8" plywood):
20 lbs.
Average passengers:
Hull type:
Double ended flat bottom kayak for Stitch-N-Glue sheet plywood construction.
Can the hull be extended or shortened?:
No. We also do not recommend increasing the beam.