Lodestar Electrical Design Plans

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Lodestar Electrical Wiring plans.

All of the equipment shown in the plans have all required specifications listed if you do not want to purchase the exact equipment specified. The equipment in the plans is chosen as the most likely found and desired by the owner of a boat in the size class of the plan set. Expansion is provided for in the plans for extra equipment without the worry of overloading your system.

Full schematic is broken down into smaller parts so you can better understand how it's all connected. Suggested wiring panel layout is provided. There is also some educational material to help you understand proper wiring techniques and multiple notes on the schematics point out important features and items you need to be aware of. All schematics are CAD generated. All other documentation is computer documented so all information is easy to read.

All plans are sent electronically in PDF format for instant download after ordering. The link to the PDF will be provided in the confirmation email sent right after you place your order. If you don't get it right away, please email us.

Feedback from a Glen-L Wildcat builder: "I'm very pleased to report that my experience working with Mr. Scott has been extremely satisfactory and has resulted in very detailed and clear schematics that I am in the process of executing. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone wanting to wire their boat correctly." Rick Moore