System Three SilverTip Yacht Primer

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Quarts & Gallons - Gray
System Three SilverTip Yacht Primer specifically formulated as a sandable base for WR-LPU topcoat. Available Gray only.

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Customer Comments: "I guess everyone has their own finish and like what they're used to working with, but I'm now completely sold on the SystemThree WR-LPU system (Now called Pennant) . You can pretty much apply it with any method that you want, but you need to sand between every few coats." "Put on plenty of finish so that you can comfortably sand it without sanding through to the epoxy and you're golden, you just sand up through the grits to 6000 with the trizac pads, then a little polishing and buffing and you have great finish."

"The SystemThree can be applied by anyone with next to no expertise and rudimentary equipment. You actually need to apply at least 6 coats, 10 is better, and you need to sand with 220 to 320 after every three to four coats."

"I wouldn't even consider working with anything other than SystemThree, it's just so easy and when you consider that you don't have to buy thinner, it's probably half the cost of everything else." Jeff Cobb, Squirt builder

"I know many people who have used Epifanes with great results, but it really reeks with fumes. I chose System Three WR-LPU water based paints and clears. They roll on easily and do not smell. Water cleanup and water reduced. The trick with WR-LPU is to roll it on as thin as possible, do not overwork the stuff or reroll, keep a wet edge, and make sure humidity is around 50% or higher. You can recoat in about an hour and recoat as many times as you want in a day. Recoating must be done within 24 hrs to get a chemical bond. Wait a few days if you need to sand out any runs or curtains, but, you should not have any if you roll thin coats. Also mix new batches with every coat and wash out the roller for the next coat." - Roberta Hegy, Zip & Super Spartan builder

"By the way we used the System Three's awesome!!!!.... what a great paint..... easy to apply.... easy to cleanup.... saves money on solvents for cleaning spray equipment....doesn't attract bugs like other paints!" - Louis Neill, Round Rock, TX--Bull's-Eye builder.