Bronze Strut - 15.4 degree - 7.5" drop

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Precision bored to meet ABYC and Navy standards for light press fit of brass-shelled rubber bearings. Bearings are installed with stainless steel cup point set screws for a firm mechanical lock. Made of cast of 70 manganese bronze, a material extremely corrosion-resistant and strong, yet malleable so it does not work-harden with vibration and stress over time. Come with a BJ bearing installed for 1" prop shaft-. Manufactured by Marine Hardware

15.4 degree Prop Strut
7.5" Drop
3/4" Back Sweep
6.5" Barrel Length
6" x 3" Base Size
6 holes, .390 diameter--takes 3/8" Machine Screws Comes with a BJ bearing installed for a 1" prop shaft.

Uses 1-3/8" OD bearing