From the Loft Floor to the Sea by Christian Topf

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From the Loft Floor to the Sea is photographer and designer Christian Topf's exhaustive visual and verbal journal of the building of the 68ft Pilot Cutter Pellew, by Luke Powell and his team in Cornwall. She is the largest traditional wooden sailing boat to be built in the UK for decades – and at 360 large-format colour pages, this is probably the largest and most gorgeous book ever to record the process. Chris visited the yard at Truro almost every week throughout the build to bring us this mouthwatering production, in which you can almost smell the sawdust, the hot pitch, and the linseed oil.

We've carried some collectible, coffee-table type books, but this one is in a category of its own. Hardcover, 360 pages, 8.5 x 11" with all color pages—this tome weighs over 4 pounds! Makes a great gift.