Console Skiff

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a 15'-9" stitch and glue outboard skiff with center console

The CONSOLE SKIFF offers a large open cockpit with center console that's easy to build with the Fast-G Stitch and Glue construction method. Virtually every contoured part is furnished as a pattern. No need to use a bunch of dimensions to obtain planking and other parts. They're all furnished as Full Size Patterns. Special layouts illustrate how the parts are obtained from standard 4' x 8' plywood panels with virtually no waste. We've done everything possible to make this design simple and inexpensive to construct.

But performance hasn't been short changed. The side/bottom forms a smooth entry with generous vee to provide a smooth ride. The skiff type hull is recognized as an excellent general use type. If a boat for fishing, skiing, just lazin' around, or having fun on the water is what you need, look no further. The CONSOLE SKIFF is for you!

COMPLETE PLANS include FULL SIZE PATTERNS for all planking, butt blocks, building form, transom, knee, breasthook, fore and aft longitudinal beams, partial bulkhead, aft bulkhead, cockpit sole, foredeck, sidedeck, forward bulkhead, plywood layouts, and dimensional console drawings. Includes instructions, Bill of Materials, Fastening Schedule, and STITCH-N-GLUE Manual.

Length overall:
Hull depth midship:
Average passengers:
Hull weight (approx.)::
350 lbs.
Hull type:
Arc bottom hard chine hull in mid-to-aft areas with rounded side/bottom vee'd sections forward. Developed for FAST-G Stitch and glue sheet plywood construction.
Long shaft outboard motor to 40 hp.
Can the hull be extended or shortened?:
No. We also do not recommend increasing the beam.
Designed for use with Glen-L Series 1000 boat trailer plans.