Interview of Tahoe 19 Builder Bill Edmundson

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This is just a taste of what Bill will be sharing on this audio CD:
•Why he chose the Tahoe 19
•His personal opinion of the plans & patterns
•The cost to build and the time it took (inquiring minds want to know!)
•Step-by-step building of this boat
•Tips and comments that will help you when you decide to build any boat
•And much, much more!

This phone interview will be the first of many that we will be doing for you. The goal with these Teleseminars is to give you a chance to hear first-hand from others who are building Glen-L designs. We know that by hearing the experience of others, it provides you the confidence that you can do it too. Plus, you can learn so much from the experience and even mistakes of other builders!

Here's what our listeners say...
"Listened to the whole thing. Really enjoyed the narrative. I am building a Barrelback and have just put my frames up. Really helpful to hear someone that has gone before you. Thanks soooo much." Robert McLean

"Thank you so very much for the replay ... the second time through was even more enjoyable than the original broadcast. Your website so informative ..." Joseph Nowell