System Three Quick Cure 5

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Quick Cure 5
Quick Cure-5 is the standard quick setting "five minute epoxy" system. Mix at a 1:1 by volume ratio. Quick Cure is ideal for all small jobs requiring a strong bond and rapid cure. Quick Cure is highly water resistant but not waterproof. Quick Cure is quite thick, but is easily measured by squeezing equal sized lumps from the convenient application bottles.

Recommended Uses:
Use Quick Cure for installing bungs, repairing missed staple holes prior to fiberglassing, "tack welding" wood, and for those other glue jobs, which require a fast cure. Do not use below the water line unless protected by an over coating like SilverTip Laminating Resin, STR General Purpose Epoxy, Clear Coat, etc.
Each kit contains one part resin and one part hardener.

Gel Time @77°F (25°C) = 2-3 minutes
Tack Free @ 77°F (25°C) = 5 minutes